These are some of the things Daniel came out with as a young child. I am so glad that I kept a record. They encapsulate perfectly his funny, mischievous, bright, competitive personality. 


Mum: I’m going to count to ten and then I want you to go in the bath. One, two, three …

Daniel (aged two): I’m not going in, Mummy. Watch my lips


Dad (after Daniel declined to do something): Sometimes you have to do what the other person wants

Daniel (aged four): I know

Dad: Right, well let’s start now

Daniel: No, let’s start another day


Dad (playing snap with Daniel): You have to be a good loser

Daniel (aged four): No, I want to be a good winner


Dad (after Daniel refused to do something): So why won’t you just say you will do it?

Daniel (aged four): My mouth won’t say that


Daniel (playing hide and seek, aged three): Come and find me Daddy. I’m going to hide under the dining room table

Dad: Don’t tell me where you’re going to hide, because I’ll know where to find you

Daniel: But I want you to find me!


Dad: Daniel, it was very rude what you did earlier, wasn’t it?

Daniel (aged four): Right, was there something else you wanted to say or was that it?


Dad: That plane is going to Heathrow.

Daniel (aged four): How do you know?

Dad: Well, Heathrow is very close to here.

Daniel: Well, why are they going by plane if it’s so close?


Dad: Who were Wales playing yesterday?

Daniel (aged four): I don’t know

Dad: England

Daniel: I was going to say England, but I thought I might be wrong

Dad: Well, it doesn’t matter if you might be wrong, you can still say it

Daniel: But I like being right


Dad: Does Mummy get cross when you switch the tele off with your feet?

Daniel (aged four): Yes, but I can handle it.


Dad: So, if there are 3,600 seconds in an hour, and there are 24 hours in a day, how do we work out how many seconds there are in a day?

Daniel (aged five): Easy, use a calculator


Dad: Do you like it when Mummy is on mothers’ duty in school?

Daniel (aged four): No, because I can’t do so many things


Dad: Shall we ring Grandma today?

Daniel (aged three): No

Dad: But she likes speaking to you on the phone

Daniel: Tough


Dad: Do you like parsnips?

Daniel (aged three): No I don’t like them because I’ve never tried them


Daniel (aged three, after waitress in Pizza Hut asked him to repeat something): Bit deaf, isn’t she?


Dad: Sometimes you have to wash your hair, Daniel

Daniel (aged two): Well, sometimes I don’t


Daniel (aged three, to my sister Sian): I’m very well, thank you, before you ask


Daniel (aged three, after Dad kissed him goodnight on the side of his head): One day, I’ll kiss your ear