The themes discussed in Daniel, My Son include:


· The importance of hope, for children with life-threatening illnesses but for the whole of humanity, too. Doctors have a key role in this   regard


· The need for doctors to be creative when dealing with intractable illnesses


· The disproportionate power which pharmaceutical companies wield, not always benevolently (for example, in the key area of           clinical trials), and how regulators are often supine in regulating them


· How to advocate and research for a seriously ill child: this can make such a difference in adding value to what the doctors do


· The place of complementary and alternative medicine


· The crucial place of psychological support for the dying


· The plight of children with cancer in the developing world and the desperate need for pain relief


· Whether one can reconcile all the suffering in the world, not least the suffering of children, with a benevolent deity


· The importance of friendship and family support when facing difficult times

· The ethics and scientific reliability of animal experiments in cancer research

Daniel is the undisputed star of the book. I hope that he inspires through its pages as he inspired in life.





It’s perfect and should be in every medical school and hospital

– Barbara P, former nurse, USA

I finished it within the first week, which for me is a miracle. What a compelling and emotional read

– Phil W (former GP)